Model Railway Computer Control Centre
by Stephen Parascandolo

MRCCC Release 2

MRCCC ver 4.1
MRCCC Client ver 1.0

This software is FREEWARE on the condition that it is not resold.

Installation Note

If you have a previous installation, it is reccommended to either uninstall it, or manually replace the files (Download the Source Code or Contact Me for them).

If you have layout files (.mrc) created in an earlier version or MRCCC, these are not compatable with the new version - please email them to me and I will be able to convert them.

Installation will require the .net Framework installed. See the previous page for download links.

Changes in Release 2

- Fix to updating parameters in the Misc Devices in design mode.
- Fix to Misc Device operation in Test Mode
- Conversion of file format from binary (.mrc) to ASCII (.mrcc)
- Provision of Examples and User Manual
- Addition of Remote Requests via the Interlocking Menu

Contact Information

Stephen Parascandolo

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+44 (0)7703 461 298

Last Revised: 2 January 2006

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