Beckenham and West Wickham MRC

New 0 Test Track

Scale: 0
System: DC and DCC
Size: 14ft x 14ft
Period: 1900 to 2000 ?

The test track was designed so that it can be used as part this new oval layout. The 10 curved boards have 2 tracks, and the inner curve is just over 6ft radius. The 4 fiddle yard boards will have 6 storage sidings, 2 boards are 2 ft wide and the other 2 are 2ft wide tapering to the 1ft curve boards The front 4 boards are all 2ft wide, they will have a station, goods yard and a small loco yard. The baseboards are laser cut modules from Tim Horn.

The current plan is not to fix anything that is period defining, such thing should be replaceable so that we can run locos and stock from any period. One member has stock from 1910s, and others have 1950s, so we aim to be flexible.

To Do List

June 2022

After that we can run trains and add a little scenery (there will not be much space left after adding all the track) and some signals.