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Exhibitions Horton has attended

The revised 32' layout with rebuilt station area has attended: -

Available for Exhibition

Horton is available for exhibition at your show. The layout requires up to 8 operators, a large Luton van and if more than about 90min from South London, accomodation would be required for the core team of 6 operators. This layout is available for exhibition and is looking for invites for 2012 and beyond. We will consider shorter notice exhibitions on request.

We offer a fast, frequent service to keep your visitors entertained. In addition, we have an on-train camera, and public screens to view our complex computer control screens with live train movement and signalling status.

If you are interested in inviting Horton to your exhibition, please Contact Us for further details.

View form on-train camera
View from the on-train camera on a projector at the Hatfield show