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Horton's Scenery

Once the baseboards were constructed, the tracks were laid on 1/16" cork and wired. Peco Backscenes were cut out and stuck onto the ply backscene which had been pre painted in Sky Blue (Dulux "Blue Danube").

Major landscaping was constructed from polystyrene blocks which were glued in place and cut to shape.
These were then covered in plaster and modrock as a base for the scenery.
Scatter materials of lots of different colours together with litchen and home made fencing were added. Fences were made using an idea spotted on a demonstration at the Southampton Show in 2001. A jig is constructed from a block of wood with brass guides at each end cut with notches. Fine wire is strung, like a guitar from a screw in each end through the brass guide to get the correct spacing to the other end and tightened. Accross the wood are several layers of masking tape with the gaps between the bands of tape just right for the plastic post material. with the wires tight, a soldering iron is used to heat the wires and melt them into the centre of the posts.
Further scatter was added with PVA and several lots of watered down PVA added to secure the scatter. The polystyrene is edged with ply, cut with a jigsaw to match the scenic profile and painted black.
The finished product is a pleasant country landscape with the modern railway cutting through the countryside.