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2010 Model Railway Channel
Horton Testing Weekend 1
Horton Test Weekend 2

Pictures of Horton

Beckenham Show October 2013

Beckenham Show October 2011

Scale Vehicles for Model railways

Scale Vehicles for Model Railways
Scale Vehicles for Model Railways Have a look at some Exclusive models on the Horton layout whilst it was being exhibited at the IOW Model Railway Exhibition.


Wight Model Railway Exhibition, Newport, Isle of Wight - November

Melksham, 2006

Hatfield, 2005

Crawley, 2005

CMRA Modeller's Workshop, Watford, 2005

Beckenham, 2004

>Brighton, 2004

>Maidstone, 2003

Rainham, 2002

Mishaps - "Can you crash them?"

This is always the first question asked by children of a certain age! So, despite having one of the most sophisticated signalling systems ever provided on a model railway, sometimes things do go wrong. These are usually a result of stock or track problems, or if trains are not fitted for track circuit operation. Occasionally, the signalling system has what is termed a "wrong side failure", when something fails to an unsafe state! But hey, this is only a model, no one got killed - we'll learn for next time.